Tuesday, February 23, 2010


With almost 1 month away from home, and enjoying the luxury of others cooking for me...I am afraid to see where the scale tips. I still have a week to go, and Disneyland for 3 days....probably, no bueno!!

Where is everyone else?

I've been making extra efforts to work out and to eat less, and it paid off in this morning's weigh-in.
I am now down 9.1 percent!

How is everyone else doing?

Friday, February 12, 2010

About half way...

We're about halfway done with this. Hooray.
I am at 8.78 percent and have started being more diligent about exercise. Ran 3.1 miles today in the gym at school. It was funny being around all these undergrads with high metabolisms. I hope they keep working out in the future.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Crazy Life

Two weeks ago I was at 6.12%, but due to a stressful week last week I'm now at 4.59%. I wish I were like my husband that doesn't eat while stressed. I'm the opposite:( I also only worked out once last week. Now I'm back and don't have many excuses.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Another slow week....

Well I had another slow week. I tried to be really good with food this week but I hardly had time to work out.(thanks to the last minute jewelry order!!) I'm still "on track" with my goal, but I was hoping to be more ahead before we left for vacation, but I guess I will have to be more diligent while we're gone to not fall behind. I'm at 6.19% thus far. I'm hoping 3 days of walking around Disneyland will help!!!! I guess my % could have been higher if I didn't decide to make Greg take me to PF Changs cause I didn't want to cook and maybe I shouldn't have had a piece of the baskins robbins ice cream cake at the birthday party I took Brooklyn to....but we all get to cheat a little sometimes right????!!!! If I couldn't cheat I'd go CRAZY!!!!!! All in moderation......