Thursday, December 31, 2009

On your marks....get set....GO!

Alright everyone, time to get started. So I think the best thing to do it everyone weigh yourself on starting day (Jan. 1st) and keep a record of how you're doing. It can be on a piece of paper (hidden in a drawer if you're a girl like me!) or Greg likes to put his into an Excel spreadsheet (just like an accountant right??!!) and then periodically post your progress on this blog so we know where everyone is at. Greg should have sent an email to everyone who wanted to participate so they could enter the blog and add things. If someone else wants to join just let us know and we can send the invite. We have 8 participants so far so that's an $80 prize at the end for the winner. The more people involved the more $$$ the winner gets!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 Biggest Losers Here We Come!!!

Well for everyone who is in, good luck!!!! This blog will be a place to post result, help, questions, recipes, encouragement, etc. Since we have both sides of our famlies doing it, this is the best place for us to get connected. More updates to follow....